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Truway GPS service is an all-in-one connected car solution that can easily gives you extensive added vehicle diagnostics, safety and security features.

Truway works with most internal combustion engine vehicles manufactured for use in the United States since 1996. Truway device is not compatible with electric, hybrid or diesel engines.

Truway is an exclusive product sold only through RingVoz and all resellers approved by RingVoz.

Truway can be purchased through, authorized RingVoz dealer, RingVoz’ locations and online.

Not only does Truway cost at least 20% less than other companies’ solutions, but it also does much more.

Yes! In just a few minutes, the Truway app will guide you through each of the steps, plus our web site show you how to locate your On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port and how to install the device.  Once installed, Truway will start reading data from your car within 10 minutes.

The On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port is the same port that mechanics use to diagnose vehicle trouble and engine problems.  It is usually located underneath the driver’s side dashboard, often within 18 inches of the steering wheel.

Truway device is not compatible with electric, hybrid or diesel engines.

Yes. Each vehicle must be compatible with Truway and have an OBDII port.

Currently there are no plans to support Truway outside of Android or iOS.

The devices, communication, and app include security protections.  Truway is a read-only device. It cannot write information to your vehicle’s computer or make changes to your vehicle’s functionality. All data communication between the device and the app occurs over a private cellular Virtual Private Network (VPN), which helps protect against unauthorized third party access to those communications. The Motion app protects your information using industry standard 128-bit encryption – the same technology used by financial institutions.

The device captures and stores driver behavior information such as acceleration and braking, speed, and RPM. The device also reports vehicle location via GPS and can report on common vehicle issues called Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).  

The Truway device and the Truway app utilize a platform for the transmission, interpretation and storage of your data. Through the app, you can control your data, who sees it, and how it is used. Your personally identifiable data will never be sold, traded or used in a way that violates our privacy policy. 

We evaluate every request for customer information and verify the validity of the requestor. If the request is validated, then we will comply.

The Truway device goes into sleep mode when your vehicle is not in use, which avoids battery drain. However, we recommend unplugging the device if you plan to park your vehicle for several weeks at a time to help avoid battery drain.

To integrate a new device, we need to know its original communication protocol to verify if it is compatible with our platform. You can contact us and we will gladly help you.

For security reasons, the Truway device is locked to the RingVoz partners network and only accepts legitimate networks purchased from RingVoz or an authorized RingVoz dealer.

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