Family Plan

No more worries about your children driving your car, with TRUWAY you can prevent bad situations that could compromise the safety of a member of your family. The application allows you to control how they drive: knowing their location, if they drive at a higher speed than allowed, or if they brake or turn abruptly. Truway will send you an alert to your phone, all these events in real time
Worried about your loved ones?
With TRUWAY you don't need to be calling your children to know where they are. You will have the geographical location of their vehicle in an interactive map of easy interpretation in real time. You will also be able to send messages to them under the notification of the driver if you have any important news.
TRUWAY offers total security, there are no dead spots of coverage and both monitoring and administration are done from any computer with Internet access
TRUWAY application will keep you up to date on any type of maintenance your car may need. Such as oil changes, low battery charge, expiration of your vehicle registration and more.
Security when they are parking in remote locations and with little surveillance
Control and location of the vehicle via the Internet when the owner is traveling
Avoid traffic violations due to speeding.
Road Safety, during a trip or family outing
Allows them to send a distress message with the exact location with the panic button. SOS
You can follow as many family members’ cars as you want.
You will be able to know when your children leave the School or the University, if they arrive home or another familiar destination. By using the area control function you will receive an alert if your childs vehicle leaves the established perimeter.
Effective reduction of the risk of theft.