Embedded reports, grouping options and sorting options. You can create perfectly customized tables which contain all the necessary information within one report. While creating your reports, you can also define order and quantities of integrated tables and receive additional data at the group level. For example, the data can be grouped by months, shifts and hours. Grouping by units, sensors, geo fences, trips, type of actions and events are available when needed. To improve the analytical potential of the reports, we also integrate group data options by year, days of the week and days of the year.
Define geographic spaces that allows you to have more control over the position of your vehicules. Also, you can set notifications and set limits over this fences.
Create automatic reports and checking over positions and sensors, you can schedule to receive an email a report with the parameters and frecuency you want.
Receive e-mail or pop-up notifications if a certain event occurs (e.g. violations, alarm button activation, sensor value variations, connection loss, idling, etc.). Notifications contain brief information on the event or can be used to trigger certain processes in the system.
Take control over who is driving your vehicles, manage their shift and generate statistics over the way they drive.
Create geographic control points, that you can use as reference points or to generate notifications and reports.
All relevant KPIs in one place, customizing them in the most efficient way. It monitors average and maximum speed, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours and travel time, enjoy the visualization of practical data and graphics, making use of the comparative analysis of the chosen parameters. With Dashboard you can see the complete image of the performance of the fleet within a customizable work area.
Truway allows to add any number of sensors to track various aspects of unit activity. Whenever the number of sensors amounts to a dozen, data visualization really matters. Enjoy a fully customizable interface that allows you to manage assets in real time and make all values clearly visible. Be the first to know the faults of the equipment, present the information in the form of graphs, using the reporting system and sending commands to the control units.
Delivery Service
Be sure to choose the optimal route between key points with Delivery Service. The app is designed to ensure that your vehicles are always in time no matter how challenging the task is. It helps to calculate the best route considering vehicle location and the desired time of arrival and saves the best route for further application.
Track Player
Track Player is designed to visualize the movements of one or more vehicles of your fleet. The application allows you to track units in the online map or change to the vehicle tracking analysis, view the events on the timeline and on the map and view images of the tracking devices to get a complete picture of the movements of the unity.
Driving Logbook
Whenever employees do not understand the notion of company car and use the vehicle for private purposes, Driving Logbook comes into place. The application helps to generate tax reports on the basis of actual use of company car in private and business trips. Manage trip statuses manually or automatically, customize tables, leave comments for every trip and print reports right from the app with Driving Logbook.
Eco Driving
Eco Driving module is intended to improve fleet safety, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs and enhance cargo safety. Flexible configuration of Eco Driving module allows to build a comprehensive and flexible driving quality assessment model and leverage data from hardware accelerometers. The assessment model is based on six violation criteria, including abrupt acceleration, hard braking, sharp turns, speeding, reckless driving or custom violation with customizable coefficients set up individually. Reduce fuel costs, ensure cargo safety, prolong vehicle life and rate up driving quality.
A powerful analytics allows for driver behavior assessment based on three main recorded parameters: harsh braking, hard acceleration and sharp turn. The app leaves a margin for the manager setting up assessment strictness and creating assessment model based on vehicle type.
Two separate applications for drivers and dispatchers allow you to maintain control over the whole order management process, including order placement, planning, distribution, route optimization and coordination. Always keep your route at hand, use GIS data from Google Maps for more precise address information and routing, make use of reports for efficient analytics, and communicate with clients by e-mail notifications with built-in HTML editor.
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