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Practice and Take Action on the Physical World

Open a real Computer​

Work with a Tiny Computer called Microcontrollers

Interact with Sensors, like thermostats, timers, remote control, etc

Discover the Electronics parts, like Breadboard, Capacitors, LEDs, etc​

Build Circuits to convert electrical energy in physical energy​

Learn computer language Coding

Invent products​

Work as a team and be ready to Compete​

Let’s fly our Imagination

What is Truway LABS?

Truway is a company that provides solutions based on a technology called Internet of Things’ IoT, working with vertical markets such as Agriculture, Cities, Homes, and Transportation. For example: If you are a farmer with 3,000 cows and you want to know where the cows are or how healthy the cows are; using Truway you can see all this information from your smartphone.

Truway Labs is a group of investigation, research and learning, who are constantly testing, discovering and inventing solutions in the IoT industry for a better living world.

Ages 13 - 19​

Waves of Innovation


Globally available unlimited
compute resources


Harnessing signals from sensors and devices,
managed centrally by the cloud


Intelligence offloaded from the
cloud to the IoT device


Breakthrough intelligence capabilities,
in the cloud and at the edge

What I will learn in Truway Labs?

Yearly Activities​

IoT Customer Field Visit​

Twice a year we go and visit a
customer with IoT Solution

IoT Competition

Once a year we as a team go to
participate in annual competition

Truway Labs Courses​

Arduino Basic​

IoT Hardware Computer and Internet of Things concepts and Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Arduino Intermediate​

This is for people who feel a bit more comfortable
with Arduinos, and are not absolute beginners. Some of them may involve working on the sketches, and some willl work straight out of the box.

Quotes " from students and parents….​

Passionate Instructors

Juan Carlos Castaneda

Electronic Engineer specialist in telecommunications and management.​

Evelio Gilmont

Computer Engineer, expert in networking, computers and project management.​

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October - November
8 Sessions

Wednesday or Thursday
4:00pm - 6:00pm

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