Truway Mobility offers you the easiest way to control your vehicle, drive more safely and monitor your business fleet. The most important thing for us is that you feel safe.

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Graphic interface

Easy access to vehicle and driver information (odometer, license plate, policies, licenses, etc.)


Milling, stops, parking lots, yields, hours worked, engine hours, among others

Maintenance History

Handle of maintenance with notifications by hours

Location and tracking

Real time monitoring. Truway reports every 30 minutos based on movement

Driving methods

Excess speed with duration and distance, acceleration, braking, sudden turns and impact.

Simulation of routes

Route control with street-level and map indicators for easy interpretation

Area control

Creation of points of interest or references on map, with control of areas with inputs and outputs.

Emergency care

Panic button monitoring, remote engine shutdown, mobile tracking and tamper alerts.

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