Business Plan
With the Truway application you can increase the productivity and efficiency with your drivers. The application will allow you to know the exact location of your staff, movement of your staff in the field; Ideal for your sales staff, messengers, technicians, and more.
Personal control and monitoring
By installing the TRUWAY device in your fleet or on the mobile of your drivers, you can always be informed where your staff is and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers. TRUWAY will allow you to measure the performance of your drivers when handling your fleets according to variables such as excessive rpm, excessive speed, abrupt acceleration, fuel control, and others.
  • Control the schedule in which your employees start and end their work day in the field.
  • Report tasks to the driver that is closest to the place of the service, avoiding unnecessary driving time.
  • Truway Allows you to have greater control over your drivers, thus avoiding accidents and paying traffic tickets for speeding.
  • Check the routes made, visits to the same client, or times used for trips and stops.
  • Respond quickly to possible delays, notifying the customer or sending another driver.
  • Display on a map where your staff is in real time, and make quick decisions about a possible delay.
  • Plan the route, it will allow your drivers to perform the service to their customers in the agreed times.
  • Assignment and tracking of work routes
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